Immigration issue at OR tambo Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa

On the 27th of January 2016, one of the family members visiting South Africa was denied access by an Immigration office of the Republic of South Africa.

The immigration officer that was at the stand of entry, who interviewed Sir. Aladegbaiye B did not act in good faith by denying Sir. Aladegbaiye B access into the Republic of South Africa based on personal hate. The officer who spoke to the recipient and host of Sir. Aladegbaiye B in South Africa made the following comments

” I will wield the power of office and deny him entry because I can” he later insulted the host by uttering the following words ” I do not want to talk to you, you are irritating me, please get off the phone, I am going to return him”.

We the family of the Aladegbaiye refuse to be treated by a relegate of the Department of Home affairs and believe such acts are not pro-African and detrimental to the growth of African unity.

An inquiry was made at the Home affairs office at ORTambo Airport and the reasons that were stated were not enough for grounds of denial. The personnel listed that the host was not faithful to the state by asking to check for the middle name of the guest. He Lastly said the guest looked prideful.

The reply of the inquiry mail sent to home affairs from the family requesting answers into the reason for denial was not satisfactory either and shows a flaw in the immigration system of Southern Africa.


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